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Advising the Elderly on Successful Retirement Planning and Wealth Management

We offer comprehensive services to retired and elderly individuals, using our CPA and accounting expertise, along with a network of trusted advisors, including money managers, wealth advisors, and retirement planning experts.

Whether you have an elderly parent or you’ve just entered retirement, it’s important to have professional advice on how to preserve assets and extend the comfort of retirement years.  Through our own internal experts and CPAs, along with a wide network of trusted advisors in other fields, we are able to offer comprehensive retirement services.  For most people, we offer the convenience of having all the retirement advice they need from a single source.

Let’s say you would like to review your insurance policies and options for the future.  We have an insurance expert who can help.  What about converting a 401K plan to an IRA investment account?  Again, we have investment brokers whom we trust and have helped many of our clients.  The best retirement plans for your situation?  We can help.  Financial planning services, trust establishment, and wealth management to make retirement savings last longer?  Our experts can give you what you need.

If you have an elderly person to look after, or you’re looking for services for your own retirement planning, please give us a call for a free consultation to see how we might help.

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