Solving Tax Problems for Individuals,  Family Businesses and Sole Proprietors

We can help with IRS problems, whether they involve filing back taxes, an IRS levy, IRS lien, or IRS audit.  We’ll help you resolve these issues and mount a vigorous defense.

Personal taxes have become so complicated, it’s little wonder that many people fail to complete their tax forms correctly and then pay less than they owe.  This can result in several types of problems, big and small – including back tax liabilities, and if not addressed, further trouble from the IRS.

The same happens with home office or family businesses and sole proprietors, given the extra layer of complexity that a pass-through business adds to tax filings.  Because they are concentrating 100% on their businesses, not all entrepreneurs and sole proprietors are perfect in their tax preparation and submissions.

No matter your tax problems, we stand ready to help by recommending your best solutions and advocating before the IRS or other tax agency.  We have an excellent track record for negotiating reduced penalties and late fees that have been levied.  In most cases our clients never have to meet with an IRS agent during negotiations or even an audit.  We handle it all for them.

If you have an issue with taxes, please give us a call for a free consultation.  We’ll show you what can be done to help you out of your tax problems.

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