Jennifer Eubanks
Jennifer Eubanks Chief Executive Officer
Karen Dickert
Karen Dickert Director of Consulting Services
Fran Rucker
Fran Rucker Customer Service Advocate
Khang Than
Khang Than Director of Tax Services
Daniel O’Dea
Daniel O’Dea Director of Accounting Services

Terrence Ahoua
Terrence Ahoua Senior Accountant
Howard Turpin
Howard Turpin Senior Tax Accountant
Sheetal Sood
Sheetal Sood CPA, Senior Tax Accountant
Kayla Price
Kayla Price Senior Accountant

Amy Boling
Amy Boling Staff Accountant
Claudette Palermo
Claudette Palermo Payroll Specialist
Sun Mo Lee (Stephanie)
Sun Mo Lee (Stephanie) Staff Accountant
Susan Ticse
Susan Ticse Marketing Consultant

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