Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Associations, charities, and religious organizations are required to comply with strict accountability standards.  We help our clients navigate the complex rules and regulations governing the achievement of nonprofit status, and maintenance of the status. Larger non-profits venturing into government contracting or requiring support for audits appreciate our depth of knowledge and experience.

Our comprehensive services include:

Our industry experience includes:

Serving in leadership positions in not-for-profit entities, providing advisory services, and performing outsourced accounting and back-office functions for not-for-profit entities.

We track recent developments in the not-for-profit area by regularly attending continuing education courses and the state society meetings of not-for-profit entities, subscribing to training sources that specialize in the sector

Our clients, board and volunteer service include:

  • Chambers of commerce
  • Charitable foundations
  • Civic organizations
  • Cultural organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Membership and trade associations
  • Political action committees
  • Religious organizations
  • Volunteer organizations

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