Advisory Services

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Advisory Services

Successful companies face complex financial and operational challenges requiring clear and confident decision making by business executives. Our Advisors are deeply knowledgeable former CFOs, Controllers, and DCAA Auditors, who can quickly assess business requirements and bring the right resources together to provide efficient and effective solutions and support successful decision making. We help clearly identify business requirements, assess solution options, and select the best path for your organization’s unique needs. We partner with you, ensuring strategic plans and services are in place.  We provide the comfort and confidence of having an expert on your team, so you can sleep at night.

Merger & Acquisition

Financial Due Diligence.  The success and profitability of a merger or acquisition is heavily dependent upon understanding the detailed financial position of the businesses involved. After the merger or acquisition, pitfalls occur when companies are blindsided with information that did not rise to attention during negotiations. This is costly and can derail the entire transaction.  Our advisors are deeply experienced in uncovering a clear financial picture, including strengths, weaknesses, and synergies of merger and acquisition transactions.   We help you achieve smart, profitable, successful growth.


Future Vision & Strategy

Successful succession.  Smart business owners begin defining an exit strategy even while initially establishing a business.  Why is that?  Long term plans will inform and guide the current company structure and decision making.  Having a vision and plan for the future will avoid pitfalls and roadblocks that tend to arise. When business owners are prepared, desirable valuations and successful management transitions are far more likely to occur.   Whether the goal is to create a family business to endure over generations, a lifestyle business to support owners into retirement, or build a business to sell and monetize, we offer guidance, planning, and support.  Let us help you realize the maximum benefit and value from the company you’ve worked so hard to build.

Accounting Systems

Accounting systems.  Have you outgrown your current accounting system?  Manual workarounds are time-consuming and insufficient for management decision making.  We help define requirements, evaluate available system options, and make the best choice.  With deep expertise in system implementation, we quickly understand and outline the benefits of each option.  The best solution meets business needs now and for the future without overcomplicating processes or overspending. Post selection.  We support system implementations by providing project management, system testing, additional staffing, and configuration services.  We’re here to help.


New Company 

Organizational structure.  Ownership structure and business entity selection are important decisions made today that will affect future transactions and have legal and tax implications.  Our advisory services will help navigate these decisions with the goal of minimizing tax and liability concerns. We can help establish your business with ground root decisions providing long-term benefits for your company.

Forecasts, Analysis, & Pricing

The best decisions are data-driven. Making decisions without sound financial data and analysis can be risky and challenging.  We provide staff support and expertise to help bring this process to life, so decision making is informed and intentional.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) 

Pricing and indirect rates.  Our experts support pricing proposal development, developing cost models for inclusion in Pricing Proposals.

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