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Proactive tax advisory & planning.  Taking the pain away. 

Icon for Tax ServicesJust the tax. Tell me more. There is a lot of misinformation about tax laws, and tax challenges can be complex. Oh, and the laws change.  We work with clients to identify opportunities to address personal, family, and business tax burdens and preserve wealth. Can planning save me money? Tax mistakes are expensive.  Whether missing an opportunity to take a deduction, or incorrectly calculating a tax position, mistakes create the risk of audit and penalties or missed deductions and higher tax payments.  Investing in planning provides an opportunity to take steps during the tax year to make tax friendly transactions that reduce overall taxes.  Planning also identifies pitfalls and opportunities in time to proactively make decisions. 

It’s so Confusing – Tax Research and Consulting  

It can be difficult to know what opportunities are available for tax credits and understand how tax laws impact tax liabilities.  When planning with you, we will keep you abreast of opportunities and changes and discuss whether your tax position is impacted.  Together, we make informed decisions about your tax deductions and strategies. 

Have Someone In Your Corner – Tax Problem Resolution  

Any interaction with the Internal Revenue Service can be a scary and difficult experience. We interact with the IRS on a daily basis and bring our expertise to your specific situation.  We will work with you to assess your situation and provide you with our expert advice in resolving it both timely and thoroughly. 

And then there’s the State – State and Local Tax Planning  

We will guide you through the complex tax laws in multiple states and jurisdictions while protecting you from over and underpayment.  Our tax experts are up to date on multi state tax credits and will work with you to minimize your tax obligation. 

A Necessary Evil – We Hate It – Sales Tax Planning & Reporting 

Sales tax is complicated, and the rules are changing at a rapid pace. States are enforcing strict nexus requirements that impact most businesses and make old sales tax processes obsolete. The good news – implementing the right sales tax procedures will reduce costly risks and can save your company thousands of dollars each year. Our sales and tax services solve your unique pain points, from nexus exposure and compliance burdens to overpaid or underpaid sales tax and audit risks. 

Do you see what I see? Audit Representation 

We may see what you do not.  We apply our keen understanding of the audit process. We use the Auditor’s Lens to assist our clients in achieving a positive, sustainable audit outcome. Our audit readiness services cover the entire audit life cycle which may include auditability assessments, audit liaison support, and audit remediation support. We are knowledgeable about what auditors need, why they ask for certain information, and the importance of timely and accurate responses to requests. This knowledge will help you reduce the audit burden across your organization, preventing frustration when trying to translate how an auditor’s request applies to your organization. 

Get What You Deserve – R&D Tax Credits  

We can help you navigate the recent regulations make it easier for a wide range of companies to qualify for R&D tax credits. You might be surprised to know that you do not require an onsite lab, nor do you need to be a hi-tech company to qualify. Companies may qualify for the R&D tax credit if they develop, evaluate, test, or improve any of the following: Formulas, Inventions, Processes, Projects, Software, and Techniques. 
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