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Our outsourced CFO and Controller services are frequently used to:  

  • Elevate client financial strategy by implementing advanced forecasts or systems.
  • Help a client overcome a financial challenge such as cash flow issues or unsustainable growth.
  • Get through an event such as an audit or capital raise.
  • Or to help achieve a goal such as preparing for a strategic exit or an IPO.


We provide CFOs and Controllers on an intermittent, long-term, or transactional basis, who have the knowledge to create a transformational effect on your organization.


How does it work?

Our consultants are available as needed to provide the expertise to address your unique situation and decision-making requirements.  We love working with our clients over time as issues and questions arise in order to drive efficiency, change, and profitability.

Our consultants are deeply knowledgeable, able to quickly assess business requirements, and bring the right resources together to ensure your success.



Simplify the complicated.  While many finance roles in organizations involve maintaining past and present financial records, a CFO is focused on the detailed, short and long-term future strategy of the organization. An outsourced CFO is an expert in long-term planning and determining what is needed to implement the future vision of the company.


Meeting Forecast Goals

A financial forecast is one of the most important tools an organization can have. It is the detailed financial and operational outline of company goals. Forecasting requires analysis and practicality. It requires a strategic understanding of the current and future capabilities of your company, mastery of financial algorithms and trends, and an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape within your industry.


Accounting Systems

Selecting the right accounting system can be a daunting task.  Let us assist with the preparation and solicitation of an RFP from software vendors, guide selection and implementation decisions, and ensure your system’s ability to meet your needs.

We are seasoned veterans with many software platforms, allowing us to approach selection, implementation, and support from the experience of the end-user to provide long-lasting solutions to complex accounting systems issues.


Policies & Procedures

Policies are a set of guiding principles, direction, and standards: the ethos of an organization without which companies flounder (and not the good kind with tartar sauce).

Procedures define the way companies handle the tasks at hand, providing a day-to-day roadmap for actions and streamlining of internal processes.

When your staff is following policies and procedures, your organization will use time and resources more efficiently. You’ll be able to grow and achieve your goals as an organization.

Policies and procedures can be difficult to define.   We have the expertise to walk you through this process: to help you create the backbone of your company.


Banking and Lending

Applying for credit can be arduous and time-consuming.  We work with many of our clients to manage the collection, organization, and submission of lending application packages, and to structure lending relationships to support client cash needs.


Does your company need more? Learn about our Outsourced Controllers.



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