Custom-Packaging the Accounting Services You Really Need – And Not those You Don’t

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.”  Our clients are too important for that! 

Icon for Custom Service PackagesWe are a boutique CPA firm that doesn’t believe in serving our clients in any way other than how they want to be served.  We treat every client as if they are our ONLY client.  This extends to the accounting outsourcing in which we serve them.  Why pay for an “all in one” package of services when you don’t need or use all of them?

Instead we offer a Customized Package of services for every client – one that includes only those areas that are needed – and excludes the others.  With a custom package of services, such as accounting and tax preparation, we offer a lower combined fee, compared to the sum of our separate service fees.  This custom bundling serves our clients well, and they love it – especially with how it serves their bottom line!

Plus, when we serve clients with custom-packaged services, what they receive is “greater than the sum of the parts.”  Our team approach to serving clients means we adopt a 360-degree view of every recommendation, taking into account tax and finance consequences for accounting decisions, and visa versa.  When you have one, coordinated team of specialists serving your account, rather than specialty teams that can be siloed and disconnected, you’ll receive the best-considered advice we can render.

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These are the most frequently asked questions about this topic.  If you can’t find your answer here, please contact us for more information.

What services are available?

We offer back office services for your business, including basic bookkeeping, full-service accounting, part time controller or CFO services, tax preparation, and advice and strategy for your accounting, financial, and tax functions. YOU choose which services you believe you need, after hearing our recommendations. Then we package your selected services and quote a single, monthly fee for all of them.

What services are associated with Basic Bookkeeping?

Basic Bookkeeping includes full-service payroll, vendor invoice processing and bill payment, customer billing, posting of cash and credit card transactions, and cash-basis accounting.

What services are associated with Full-Service Accounting?

Full-Service Accounting includes management of accounting function, accrual based accounting, time keeping, account analysis, financial reporting, budget development and management, specialized accounting for government contractors and non-profits, and part-time controller and CFO services.

What do you offer in tax services?

We offer complete tax preparation, advisory and strategy services, including both business and personal returns. We prepare business returns for most of our clients, and personal returns for owners and their employees.

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