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Understanding your financials


When providing financial statements to banks, agencies, and third parties, companies want to put their best foot forward, avoiding embarrassing and public mistakes in financial reports. Controllers are experienced accountants and experts in compliance and historical recordkeeping.

We provide Controller services supporting clients to ensure the month-end close process runs smoothly, financial reports are delivered on time, balance sheet accounts are reconciled, and accrual entries are posted accurately.  Our Controller partner with clients to provide oversight and guidance. We provide the comfort and confidence of having an expert on your team, so you can sleep at night.

GAAP Compliance

GAAP compliance can slip under the radar of business owners before financial statement audits are required. It is a vital part of providing quality financial statements to banks and other organizations.  We work with clients to adopt common GAAP standards for quality financial statement preparation.


In order to comply with GAAP, adjustments for revenue that have been earned and expenses that have been incurred,  yet not recorded in the general ledger, must be calculated and recorded. These accruals are made via adjusting journal entries at the end of each accounting period, so the reported financial statements are inclusive of these amounts.

Month-End Close

Monthly review, reconciliation, adjustments, and finalizing of account balances.  We perform a series of scripted steps to review, record, and finalize account information in preparation for issuing financial statements. This ensures accounting data is organized, accurate, and all transactions for the monthly period are captured.

Accounting Systems

Have you outgrown your current accounting system?  Manual workarounds are time-consuming and insufficient for management decision making.  We help define requirements, evaluate available system options, and make the best choice.  With deep expertise in a number of systems, we quickly understand and outline the benefits of each option.  The best solution meets business needs now and for the future without overcomplicating processes or overspending.

Post selection.  We support clients throughout new system implementations by providing project management, system testing, additional staffing, and configuration services.


Financial Reports 

We provide relevant financial reporting to include the basic three financial reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.  Metrics and customized reporting are also provided to highlight the information most important to each of our clients.


A loan covenant is a condition in a commercial loan or bond issue that requires the borrower to fulfill certain stipulations and meet ratio requirements.  A loan covenant may also forbid the borrower from undertaking certain actions, like taking cash distributions unless conditions are met.  We help calculate, track, and report loan covenant information and ratios to our clients and their banks.

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