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Many business and personal taxpayers choose to hire a CPA firm for tax preparation after having a painful audit or receiving penalties for errors on their tax returns.  Laying the proper groundwork in advance of preparing your tax return, keeping organized, and resisting procrastination will lay the groundwork for keeping up with tax preparation if you decide to prepare your own filings.


CPAs work with tax issues year-round and have a deep understanding of the tax rules.  Investing in tax preparation services, particularly when dealing with significant events, complex financial transactions, and new tax laws will reduce anxiety and prevent costly preparation errors.

Business Tax Return Preparation.

Businesses are dealing with change on many fronts, from the opportunities presented by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, to the complex change resulting from the Wayfair decision, to the impact of technology on the tax function.

Businesses constantly monitor sales activity and related tax requirements.  Sales in multiple states add layers of complexity, requiring an understanding of the tax laws in each state and eligible credits for out of state tax payments.

Credits available for certain business activities can significantly reduce overall business tax liabilities.  Having knowledge of current legislative efforts and tax credit initiatives is critical to minimizing tax payments.

Let our insights into today’s critical tax issues help you turn disruption into an opportunity.

Non-profit Tax Return Preparation

Nonprofit organizations have unique tax needs. We provide specialized services aimed at helping tax-exempt entities successfully navigate an evolving operational and regulatory environment.

Multi-state Tax Preparation and Planning

Multistate tax is more complex and demanding than ever before. Our multistate tax team strives to deliver integrated tax approaches that align with a client’s overall business objectives. We will guide you through the complex tax laws in multiple states and jurisdictions while protecting you from overpayment and underpayment.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Identifying credit and incentive opportunities and taking advantage of them can be challenging. Federal, state, and/or local governments provide tax credits and incentives tools each year to attract new businesses or encourage expansion of existing ones. Many businesses miss out on significant savings from credits and incentives because they are unaware of the business qualified or didn’t understand the process for obtaining them.  Let us help you determine which credits/incentives apply to your unique business situation.

Sales Tax Planning & Reporting 

The Wayfair decision.  Sales tax is complicated, and the rules are changing at a rapid pace. States are enforcing strict nexus requirements that impact most businesses and make old sales tax processes obsolete. The good news – implementing the right sales tax procedures will reduce costly risks and can save your company thousands of dollars each year. Our sales tax services solve your unique pain points, from nexus exposure and compliance burdens to overpaid or underpaid sales tax and audit risks.

Business Personal Property Tax

Real and personal property taxes can increase in complexity as your business grows. You are required to pay these taxes annually regardless of profitability and doing so properly requires a deep understanding of the complexities of both types of property tax. Our tax team has the experience to help companies control this expense. We provide property tax reviews to help identify overvaluations and recover overpayments and property tax compliance services to help you maintain confidence in the management and reporting of real and personal property tax for your business.

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