Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Here’s the deal: when your small or mid-sized business needs accounting assistance, you typically get a firm that prioritizes financial statement audits and dictates how to get everything in order. Or, you get a firm specializing in bookkeeping.

Or you work with us.


What does that mean? Your business gets a true partner.  Our professionals include former CFOs, Controllers, Finance VPs, and government contract auditors with the skillsets acquired through hands-on experience in leadership roles.


Prior to launching CPA Department in 2014, our owner, Jennifer Eubanks, was a Sr. Contract Auditor for DCAA, where she was assigned as a full-time contract and systems auditor for Northrop Grumman. In addition, she served as Chief Financial Officer at Pac-West Telecomm in San Francisco, where she led financial operations while furthering business development initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and post-acquisition integration. She learned through experience and hires similarly experienced professionals.  In other words, we know what we’re doing.


Ok, got it. So how does that help you?


At CPA Department, we partner with small and mid-sized businesses to offer accounting services, tax services, and consulting expertise. By “partner”, we mean we listen. We take your needs into consideration and, together, we select the combination of services and roadmap for future services right for your business.  For all of our clients, that means we spend time providing high-level CFO, Controller, and Tax consultations, and strategy sessions.  For our small and mid-sized clients, that typically means we handle some or all accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll requirements on an outsourced basis. If your business already has an internal accounting staff, we augment, supervise, or support them.


...So What Sets Us Apart?


Our Comprehensive Services


When you choose to partner with us, we support you with any or all of the following services we offer:

  • Accounting
  • CFO and Controller leadership
  • Payroll
  • Tax preparation, problem resolution, strategy
  • Business consulting
  • Corporate financing, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence


But we don’t stop there. As true partners, we want to do everything we can to hold up our end. That means we make it our mission to guide and support your business to overarching financial prosperity and the know-how to keep it up. For that reason, we have built a network of trusted advisors we offer to many clients that offer these additional services:


  • Personal finance
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance
  • Wealth management


Essentially, we are a one-stop-shop for all your financial planning needs, priced a la carte to fit your business.


Our Client-Centric Approach


Have you ever worked with an accounting firm that seemed to make life somehow more difficult? At CPA Department, we see our jobs differently. We don’t mandate; we collaborate. We work as part of your management team to drive strategy and decision making. We help your business prepare for audits, step in to manage audits on your behalf when they take place, and use our background to conduct mock or test audits to ensure your readiness. We are there to support your business through any audits or inquiries that may occur. To that end, we always work with you, not against you.


CPA Department does not prioritize financial statement audits, even though we have that expertise. We want to avoid conflicts of interest when our clients need management expertise and support. We want to be in your business’ corner all the time, giving you the necessary tools along the way. When our clients require financial statement audits, we arrange for this service to be provided, supporting and coordinating the effort and acting as the accounting department for our client.


Our Reputation


Our owner, Jennifer Eubanks, has been repeatedly recognized for her integrity, thoughtfulness, and mastery of her field. For that reason, she was nominated as a Top Financial Professional by Northern Virginia Magazine in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.


Like Jennifer, all of the accountants at CPA Department bring a record of tremendous financial growth for previous clients, proven financial expertise, and, of course, strong listening skills. This is accompanied by shared characteristics of humility, generosity, and an overwhelming desire to serve the community. Pretty unique for an accounting firm.


Because of these shared characteristics, knowledge, and passion for what we do, we have earned a reputation as inspiring, reflective, and, once you start working with us, indispensable.

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