Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reasons why The CPA Department stands apart from other CPA firms.

We think you’ll want to consider these points of differentiation that we think makes us unique. Please look through them and click on those of interest for more detail.

We take away the headaches and instead make your accounting and tax functions a pleasure.

We handle all the details for you, make sound recommendations, and produce meaningful information and reports.


We don’t focus on auditing, but rather strategy and services.

We believe in serving your goals first – not those of third-party regulators or organizations.  We ensure you have the information you need and that your company is audit-ready.  We will advise you of your options in any accounting, tax, or financial decision, and what the potential outcomes would be for those choices.  Then you decide how you want to proceed.  We’re sitting on your side of the desk.


One cohesive team coordinates efforts in all areas to help clients reach their goals.

Some firms are so large or specialized they have a number of separate teams handling accounting, taxes, and financial advice.  This makes for siloed, disconnected groups handling your account – meaning you have to explain your goals to more than one group inside the same firm – then just hope they work together to reach them.  In many instances, this translates into lost opportunities for tax deductions and billings.

By contrast, we believe in having a single, cohesive teamwork on all aspects of our clients’ accounts.  Your CPA Department team members all drive toward the same goals – yours.  For example, we’ll make sure your accounting practices optimize your tax strategy and maximize revenue opportunities.  This approach produces sounder recommendations, better procedures, and top-quality advice for you.


Our clients pay for the services they want or need – and nothing more!

Many CPA firms offer set “packages” of services, including several that are related to a main service offering.  We don’t believe in pre-set, fixed groups of services.  Our clients are too important to ask them to pay for services they are unlikely to ever use.  Instead, we work with them to select an exact set of services that is right for them.


We recognize the value of our clients by offering custom pricing.

Not only do we customize our offerings to each client, but we also take into account the value of our clients when we quote a monthly service fee.  Some firms may charge a set fee for each “add-on” service – sort of an “a la carte” pricing that doesn’t recognize the value of their patronage.  Instead, we offer a combined monthly fee that shows our appreciation for the services clients ask us to conduct.


You can rely on consistent monthly costs.

Once your package of services has been set, you’ll see consistent fees, month after month.  We add talent as needed to serve you efficiently and effectively, without adding unexpected charges to your monthly invoice.


We have deep expertise working with government contractors.

Our specialized knowledge in the accounting area for government contractors runs deep, with more than 20 years of experience.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the myriad of regulations that are constantly changing in the field.  We work professionally with clients to assess their DCAA compliance and to implement changes as required.  We also advise these firms on how to become and remain FAR and CAS compliant in their accounting and record-keeping responsibilities.  And we serve all sizes of these organizations, from small and emerging contractors to larger, more mature firms.


We specialize in small and mid-sized businesses.

We work with all sizes and types of organizations, from sole proprietors and very small, entrepreneurial firms, to mid-sized businesses with revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars.  Plus, our industry specialization is not limited to government contractors – we also serve businesses in these industries: Construction, General Contractors, Banks, Professional Services, Technology, Real Estate, Medical, Non-Profit, And Many More


Our network of trusted partners offers added services beyond our four walls.

Expertise for client services is not limited to our internal CPAs and resident experts.  Whether you are looking for accounting services, financial planning, retirement planning, or even estate planning, we can serve you through our network of partners that we trust and have worked with for many years. Our clients have been delighted with their access to and outcomes from these partners, and it makes us their “one-stop-shop” for all things financial.  By working closely with us, the recommendations from these partners are made with your overall goals in mind and with the knowledge of your already existing policies and procedures.  Why retrain a new supplier?  We can inform our partners about your goals and practices before they advise you.


Once you have reviewed the above reasons why The CPA Department is a better choice, we hope you’ll contact us with any questions you have. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we might help you.

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