Accounting Outsourcing… Leading the New Normal

Accounting Outsourcing

We all believed that to ensure the productivity of our employees and to keep the business running smoothly, we had to do the hour commute, spend 8 to 10 hours tethered to our desks and participate in in-person meetings five days a week. You know, back in February. Rare were the companies that allowed employees…

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Help for Small Businesses in VA

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam released Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Rapid Response funding to support Northern Virginia employers to remain open during this emergency. The funds are intended to assist local employers to avert layoffs and support other operational needs.  These strategies and activities are designed to prevent, or minimize the duration of, unemployment…

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Tax Credits Provided to Small Businesses

The Family First Coronavirus Response Act requires Small Businesses to provide Emergency Family and Medical Leave, and Paid Sick Leave for employees. It also provides tax credits to small businesses. The FFCRA includes a 100 percent payroll tax credit for qualified sick leave wages paid under the EPSLA and for qualified family leave wages paid…

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