We can advise on accounting, personal finance, tax preparation, IRS problems, retirement planning, and wealth management.

Not all CPA firms work with individuals and family offices, but we pride ourselves in devoting the attention they need to the problems and issues they present to us.  There are very few family offices or sole proprietors that have no concerns about their accounting, tax preparation, or retirement planning.  That’s where we can help.We work diligently with our family office clients, just as much so as we do with our larger clients – because we work differently than most CPA firms.  We treat each of our clients as if they are our ONLY client.If you are worried about a tax problem or need to file back taxes – or if you have concerns about retirement planning, personal finance, or money management, we are here to help.  Please click on one of the areas below to learn more about what we do for individuals and family offices.Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Investments, Wealth ManagementElder Care  – Taking care of finances and retirement savings AFTER retirement. Retirement planning, IRA investments, and best retirement plans.Tax Problems – Filing back taxes, IRS audit, IRS lien, IRS levy, reducing penalties, negotiating with the IRS.

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