The Power Of An Age-Diverse Workforce – CPA Department joins AARP Employer Pledge Program

AARP Employer Pledge

CPA Department has proudly joined more than 1000 organizations in signing the AARP Employer Pledge.  We have joined a prestigious group of companies confirming their commitment to hiring across the age spectrum, creating a workforce that believes in equal opportunity for every employee regardless of age, and leveraging the value that experienced workers bring to companies of all sizes

By 2022, employees age 50+ will make up 35% of the labor market.   U.S. employers are having difficulty filling jobs because of lack of experience and workplace competencies, soft skills and the lack of available candidates.  50+ employees add value to organizations due to their high levels of engagement, stability, productivity and experience.  Trends in compensation and benefits have diminished the relationship between age and labor cost and health care costs are growing more slowly than ever for 50+ workers.  For all these reasons CPA Department will continue to employ the best person for the job regardless of age.

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