What is Uncompensated Overtime? Understanding DCAA Timekeeping Requirements


Government contractors are required to track uncompensated overtime worked by employees.  This is often confusing for contractors, since there’s no additional cost associated with salaried employees who work more than forty (40) hours per week.  In this article, we explore uncompensated overtime, and why it’s important when working with the Federal Government. What is uncompensated…

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Navigating COVID-19 as Government Contractors

I invite you to read my first article on LinkedIn. This guide for government contractors answers many of the questions surrounding COVID-19 relief. Misinformation is everywhere. Get the facts here. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/navigating-covid-19-government-contractors-eubanks-cpa-cgma-cma/ We are in this together. Find all business funding-related information from the US Government around COVID-19 here: Business Support Government Contracting Accounting System Assessment…

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